I wrote about her before in one of my answers. She was unique. Very charming,elegant and innocent (her profile page has no picture but she sent me one privately). She was going through a bad one sided break up. I can’t name her. We used to chat a lot on Quora chats (infrequently). She was understanding and was able to carry forward any conversation quite well. She lives in Mumbai but I have no contact of hers. More over she has deleted her Quora account.

She was self seduced by a boy. She was obsessive about her. I offered her different explanations for her problems but she listened to none. You know a heart in love is same as a druggist on drugs. We lose our sense of reasoning when we fall in love. Our rational brain stops functioning well.

I guess she is still stuck with him. I can’t blame her. Love is such a strong and primitive emotion that it takes along time to recover from it.I only feel for her that she must be alright. She was a good friend.

There were quite many others (all in my chats). Since this is exam time and most of them are students,they are not in the chat mode anyway. I shall catch some of them after exams.

I found most interesting thing about people in Quora is that they are awesomely liberal and understanding. I never had ego issues with any of them. In my chat box, 70% of connections are from girls. They are so unlike of girls from outside world. They always respond. They initiate many a times. They talk sense. They are open and bubbly. They are free from complexes and personality issues. In total they are much fun to chat with.