Yes…the shocking answer is yes!

Love is amalgamation of mind and heart. With covert psychology techniques like Fractionation, seduction,mind control, hypnotic commands,NLP etc you can create instant attraction for any body. It’s like hacking language of mind.

Guys who want to get good compatible like partners and girls who want to attract handsome smart dudes and keep them too can use these methods.

I find it morally correct to attract viable partners using these methods.

Now we have two questions :

  1. Why these methods ? Is true love isn’t enough ?
  2. What about misuse ?

Why these methods ?

These methods are essentially not needed if two people are mutually attracted and are mature enough to understand knitty picky things of life. But usually that is not the case. You like a girl and you know she is best for you but she is engaged in her own world, she has her own preconceived notions about world. She is not ready. Her evolutionary conscious mind is too Difficult to bypass.

If this is the case, these covert Psychological techniques can help you alot. They can clear that initial pathway. But love between two humans is alot more complex emotion than petty manipulation. Once you are in love, then no need of any tricks. Only love is enough. If you understand human emotion, you can carry forward easily.

Why these methods work so well ?

Reason is simple. They mimic the process of real love. Hence in real love too same things happen!

Using these tricks is just like catalyst, they just speed up the process. What happens in years can happen in weeks!

These methods work both way. But tricks are different for each.

Possible misuse : Yes. These methods can be misused. They are in fact misused by seducers and psychopaths. Hence it is damn necessary for each one of us to be aware of these tricks.

I am in the process of writing a detailed book about these methods. I have published one book on Amazon Kindle. You can find its link in my profile. My second book will be more detailed and I would include sections for both boys and girls.

My book just tell you hacks like ‘how to talk to a girl on first date’ or ‘rules of texting in initial stages of romance’ or Fractionation technique to create instant attraction. Inner psychology of Women. How they create emotions etc.

Now this is NOT a pick up artist material. I give you understanding of human mind and emotions so that you can be aware of what’s going on in your relationship. This is in no way be used to get 35 girlfriends​for sex. This can be misused and hence I want every girl, including my daughter ( she is small though) to know about them.

It’s silly that these methods work since mind is irrational.