Fake people and fake love

We all are bit selfish,egoistic and manipulative. This is our survival instinct. But if someone says they love us , care for us but don’t really live up to the expectations when time comes, I get utterly pissed off.

We know many people by their behavioral traits, by their log of activities and their general views about life. Hence if some is materialistic and clever and behaves like that, we accept them to be like that and are happy about their behavior. But if some one projects an image of ultra caring,emotional, pure soul,loving,out of this world,no ego issues etc but ducks out at right time,I really hate that.

Be original and not selectively nice. Also we are selectively nice to many people in real world and that is also fine but people who claim to be super nice and get really close and then become selectively cruel to you only,god that is really disturbing.

I know this happens everywhere and to many innocent as well as smart people.This is most disgusting thing which I can take ever. I love openness in closed relationships else if I have to fake everywhere and with everyone, what is the point of close relationships ?

I guess honesty and succinct behavior is always respected, how ever harsh it might sound in the beginning.

I feel for those nice girls and guys who are treated like dirt to gain petty advantages and mental satisfaction. Ironically we all want nice people to be friend with and when we get one, we use them! Second irony is even bigger. We use who love us and follow who treat us like dirt!!

Human mind is wonderful.