Jealousy is a strong emotion since it caters to our basic understanding of ourselves.

Have you ever wondered who are the people we are jealous from ?

Yes they are the people who seem better than us.

Jealousy is insecurity in disguise. I might be jealous to a potential suitor of my girlfriend since I think he might steal her from me. And why I think so ? Because I think he might be better than me!

Similarly you might be jealous of life style of celebrities since you think you can never have that!

Jealousy is insecurity. It challenge sour basic foundation, that is our ego and self worth and hence it is the strongest of all emotions.

Jealousy in love is of two kinds.

  • Derived from pain
  • Derived from insecurity

If my girl friend has no time for me but for her other friends (not necessarily her potential suitors). Then her behavior ignites pain in me and that is positive jealousy and not insecurity. This is healthy jealousy.

I already explained the other case.