I’m a mathematician and doing fairly well as a professor, mathematics writer,free lancer etc.

But my dream is to become entrepreneur (I am but I have other goals).

I want to open a elite school which really help a child become what he deserves.

My subjects would be

  1. Mathematics
  2. Two languages
  3. Sanskrit (compulsory).
  4. Functional psychology
  5. Philosophy
  6. Science
  7. Yoga (compulsory)
  8. Sports (one compulsory game as well as workout).
  9. General studies compromising of subjects like history, geography,civics etc.. Student has to learn basics of all and three electives.
  10. Enterpreneurship
  11. Technology (compulsory) students have to learn two coding language and basic hardware.

School begins from sixth with admission solely based on examination.

My second dream is to become a writer. I am writing three books. One on grey secrets of love and dating. Second one romance novel. Third one on business psychology.

I’m a lazy sloth, still completed 30 pages. Wish me energy!

Update : I have published five books till now.


Hemant Pandey Books