Love to me is a feeling which is left when all feelings are sublimed.

Love is extreme state of peacefulness and calmness.

When you are in mutual true love, you care for some one else more than you. You never play mind games or tricks to keep them deceived.

  • You never want to use them.
  • You don’t think before you act.
  • You know for sure the comfort level.
  • You are never worried but concerned.
  • You are not worried about what they think but are concerned about what they feel.

True love is a rare feat. If a lover boy like me only found it once, what is the chance of normal people to get it.

Love is a deep feeling which can never change. Its like permanent stretch mark on your mind. Yes mind takes a lot of tests before letting any one grant that access. Every one’s mind.

When pro and cons vanish, when your own welfare vanish, when you vanish, just surrender yourself completely to any one,love happens.

If you wait for other to succumb, you are still attached.

Love is property of personality and character. It’s not for everybody.