If women are left on their own to find mates who are not attracted by their juicy legs and soft lips,they will run for ever.

Women can attract guys with their physical charms due to our evolutionary instincts. But if a man is unimpressed by their beauty, there is no way she can attract a man!

An unattractive man can attract an attractive woman by his eloquence, but the contrary is never (seldom) true.

  • Women are trained to be pampered by men. They never learn social skills since they don’t need it.
  • In fact many gorgeous women are quite boring conversationalists. These women find it extremely hard to live by once their beauty is degraded.
  • The attention they get is decreased and they don’t have any other quality to attract males!

A reader,nerdy,sapiosexual,intelligent women may find more success with better men in the longer run than a very beautiful and sexy lady. Intelligence is a growing asset and beauty is depreciating asset.