Any one having more options will move faster. Its gender independent.

Why girls move faster?

The modus operandi of girls.

  1. You fall in love. You commit. She commits but not fully!
  2. She suspects (creates confusion) on you and ask / force you to leave all your girl friends, whatsoever.
  3. Her ex boy friends, male friends are just friends. Its okay for her to talk to them. But it you have two girls chatting with you for hours, three four more love interests, she gets furious!
  4. Girls always keep options, however close she is to you. But she want to isolate you,exclusively committed!
  5. When you complain about her ex,you are threatening to control her freedom! When she complain about your girl friends, you are betraying and cannot be trusted! Wow!
  6. Hence when a girl is bored by you or finds a better boyfriend, she moves quickly. Whence you are by then exclusively committed and are left with no choices!


  • Never leave your girl friends and friends, whatever she says.
  • Commit only when she ‘shows’ total commitment. Girls commit very easily and back off next day!. It must show in her actions how much she care and not in hollow words. You can easily guess the commitment level if you think deeply.
  • Never love a girl too much. You are bound to suffer. Those who love too much to girls are always burnt!
  • My rule is that I leave others completely only when I get one completely.

Love is a game until it is accomplished at level of soul.