This feels that you are spineless. Sorry for rude words.

But brother after proposing the equation can never be same. Once you expressed your vulnerability to her charms and she said no but wants you as a friend…not my way.

Let me tell you why this is bad.

Do you know the differentiator between love and friendship ?

The sexual chemistry.

We never want to (think of in ideal life) to fuck our friend. I am blunt but I am correct.Love has certain amount of sexual chemistry (not lust but sex is also a vital point in love).

Once you told her in implicit sense that you want to love her along with physical love, how can you change your eyes now ?

She knows this and if she is still comfortable with it an dis holding your feelings of love but want to continue friendship…she is using you.

You must maintain some distance from her and tell her that now ‘love’ is NOT convertible to friendship. Either my way or highway. This only means that if she led you to express your heart and was aware (girls had acute sixth sense) of your feelings and still didn’t stopped you, she was using you.

Don’t rationalise my ideas with stupid feminists thoughts the girl was innocent and she never knew and led you …etc..etc.

Girls are very much aware of motive of most men.They can differentiate after some interaction whether it is going to be love or friendship. It takes two to tango.

Now your steps

  1. Be an acquaintance and stop being a friend.
  2. You can never change your feelings one love has initiated. Its better to leave her.If she had any feelings whatsoever, she might be just a call or email away.
  3. If she loved but it was so weak that she cannot fathom her ego and let you go … her loss. Love is for equals. Mercy love is useless.
  4. I find it insulting personally. If I have told you my feelings succinctly and i you have heard them, you were ready of them and don’t reciprocate, I am never gonna come again.

I assure you one thing brother, even if she doesn’t come back, don’t worry, the spine you gain from there will attract zillions of girls to you. Girls can see spine, they can sea you like a book and can decode your inner thoughts in mis too the cases.

Leave her completely. If loss was really there … she will come …else there are many fishes in the pond!

Sooner you leave, better it gets.

(I guess you got the hint, even though I never told it 😉