5 ways males and females are different in dressing up

  1. Males dress to impress but females dress to attract.
  2. The basic premise is different. Men focus on quality of clothes and women focus on clothes which reveal their physical attributes.
  3. For men clothes represent class and status. For women clothes are a way to attract. They focus on clothes which reveal key sexual parts of any woman like bare back, knees, naval or shoulders or deep neck.
  4. Men’s clothes are designed to depict personality while for women it is to enhance physical attributes. Men’s clothes are more functional while women’s clothes are more fashion.
  5. Women take skin treatments, waxing,body lotions and 1000 other kinds of billion dollar beauty industry products. Hence they need clothing to reveal and enhance those features they spent money upon.

Men on other hand need expensive clothing to reveal class and status. A full length trouser is of no great use for a women except when it is body tight. While a man has no gain in wearing a knee length revealing skirt showing his manly hairs!