Because they don’t need to. Men and women are not equal, but it in no way means anyone if them is superior. It’s same as comparing sky and earth (with no bias and assuming anyone as sky or earth).

  • Both have their different domains. Both have their distinct utility and function in society.
  • Both overlap in certain domain and do similar work.
  • Both have their distinct charchterstics and character (nature). Again nature of both intersect at certain domain and diverge for several others.

Since feminine energy is liquid and binding while masculine energy is tough and singular, we need both of them in complementary way to supplement each other to make a cohesive society.

It is immaterial and useless to compare yin and yang. The parameters, domain and criteria never match.

If it’s a man’s world, made and governed by men, then it is made and governed for women. Man does everything ultimately for women. Women are the supporting and inspiring energy without which nothing will be ever done or made.