We treat only those people bad whom we think are below our internal standards.

We treat those people with love whom we consider equal to our internal yardsticks.

Similarly we treat those people with respect (awe), whom we consider higher in social market value status.

Math is simple, life isn’t.

Mindgame algoritm

  • Right now let us consider your level as level 0.
  • Don’t try to leave but ignore him for a while. (Level 1).
  • When he reciprocates, ignore him a bit more. (Level 2)
  • After that return to level 1.
  • Stay on level 1 to see whether he is normal now.
  • If not make level 1 as your default level and ignore him to level 2.
  • Stay on level 2 if he is normal now.

When does a boyfriend starts ignoring?

You just have to find you true level with him. The right amount of spice to make food of relationship delicious.

Life Is Not about mind game but finding the right balance. Sometimes people are at same level of interaction and we say they found soulmates, but at other times you have to find the right level unless they come too close to you or come at your level. Everyone has different level of emotional needs and sensitivity.