Most of us do (want to do) these things but never admit

  1. Fall in love (those who are not in love). Most of us secretly crave true unconditional love. Many times we carry on our sucking relationship just for the sake of relationship.
  2. We all are secret sexoholics. 90% of mobile memory of 90% of people is porn. More surprising fact is that 70% of porn in the world is consumed by women.
  3. No one is a deity. We all are secretly deceptive, plan out manipulation, think of strategies to beat the competition. We all have a mask called personality to hide out cunning self. If world is consistent in any thing then it must be manipulation.
  4. Every relationship we have, every friendship we garner,every alliance we make have some element of selfishness inbuilt. If your girlfriend wouldn’t have been that sexy your might not be in that deep love with her. Yes we treat people differently. Handsome guy is honored but skinny brat is shunned. It’s all subconscious but we keep testing, judging,evaluating people on daily basis. Our yardsticks change from people to people. Our inherent selfishness is our most cruicial hidden trait. This all is inbuilt and is our survival mechanism.
  5. Most of us secretly love our mother toungue but hate to admit publicly.
  6. Many of us count notes when other person is counting them. We do recheck for their satisfaction. This time he is counting with us. Yes all cash gets counted twice!
  7. Most of us secretly hate our job. For many of us, our job is our burden.
  8. Many of us have secret desire to become celebrity. We almost envy every celebrity out there.
  9. 99% people miss their immediate ex more than their current partner. Given a chance, 90% will reunite (for true lovers).
  10. We all hate to admit but 99% of breakups are nothing but petty ego issues.

Bonus : We all love to let our loved one’s know about our unexpressed love but only anonymously!

Mind o mind…you never fail to amuse me and never will.