6 ways to make a man fall in love with you forever

  1. Men are emotional beings. They show they are tough but in reality they are soft and tender from inside. More than hot sex, men like real care. They can sense whether or not you really care. Support them when they are emotionally disturbed, socially challenged and mentally troubled, and you found them hooked for life. Now you know why men love their mothers the most.
  2. Men love to be pampered. They are lazy by nature (for regular chores like choosing clothes to wear and taking bath!) Every time you force your man to take bath, he publicly hates but secretly loves you. Men needs to be forced to go for a walk, take their supplements, change those dirty jeans regularly. They love that forceful behavior. Men love your scolding (not nagging and continuous complaining). Scolding is mild love.
  3. Ladies please cook for your man. Whatever you can cook, they will have it. Cooking for someone shows care and affection. Cooking is time consuming and needs lot of effort. Yes men do appreciate your effort. It’s okay that they never praise your efforts. You know men are programmed to have power in relationships!
  4. Men love when you show mild tantrums, ask them to bring chocolate and ice creams. Men love when you become bit angry and say ‘hate you!’. They love those 13 page breakup letters. Yes all of your shows concern. If you can write 13 page breakup letter, one can only guess how much you can write in regular letter.
  5. Men are problem fixers. Feel no remorse in asking them to fix your laptop to washing machine. Prime job of a man is to fix this world. If you are asking for a help, means you care for them.
  6. Men are fond of nice girls (as girls love bad boys). They have very strong network of Sherlock Holmes. If they really want they can spy the soap brand you use for bathing! Some times men send testers to find your loyalty. If you pass the loyalty and spying tests (which you will never know), they will love you for life. Once they are confirmed from third party sources that you love them and only them, they invest in you fully. A man’s love is like banyan tree. It takes time to take roots but once established it takes a lot of time to go.

Men are like care less ship sailing in wide sea, moving with every sexy wind coming their way. They need an anchor albeit a strong one. Be that anchor and see them orbit around you.

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