From lady’s point of view in particular as well as societal point of view in general,two most important virtue any man must possess are

  1. Character (Integrity)
  2. Ability (To earn, to bring change in society)

You can be a flirt, you can crack jokes, you can seem lazy and lousy all the time but when real need comes, you must show your character, strength and integrity. On surface you can be anything but in your core your must be diligent, honest and dependable. Only when the tide is gone, we can see who was swimming naked. You must have a character to help those who need it dearly, strength to own your decisions and viewpoints. You know we all have (specially ladies) have the uncanny ability to see who you really are. That is why girls test men. We all are so fake. You cannot fake integrity and honesty for long.

Similarly ability to bring a change to the society or live sof people (along with capacity to earn money) is second most valuable quality in any man.

You know why entrepreneurs are more famous, valued and admired by the society in general and women in particular (even more than those fat pocket millionaires)? Because they strive to bring a change in the system, technology or products which really benefits people.

What advice would you give to Indian boys?

Businessmen have goals but entrepreneurs have missions.