10 life lessons in 10 lines

  1. This too shall pass.
  2. Life Goes on whatever might happen.
  3. No love without lust.
  4. No friendship without mutual interest.
  5. No love without drama, trauma and pain.
  6. Sex is enjoyable but only love mixed sex fulfills.
  7. Life is insanely predictable. When bird is alive it eats the ant, when bird is dead, ant eats the bird. (Zen Saying). No one is big or small only circumstances make them what they are today.
  8. Professional life is 90% networking.A peon can facilitate deals worth millions.
  9. Helping people is compounding. It comes back when you never expect it and many times manifold. Genuine help is the best investment you can do in your life.
  10. Cleverness wins the battle but wisdom wins the war.There is no shortcut to success in life.

What are some words of wisdom for men?