1. There is no short cuts to success. It takes years for overnight success.
  2. We all are running day in and day out but no one has ever reached any where. You are always running. But in the night you would return to your bed. Tomorrow morning new targets, new problems and new goals. Each new accomplishment shall open doors to newer better opportunities. Mind is never satisfied. You can never find a day to relax or enjoy life if you are not enjoying your life now. Life is a mirage. More you approach farther it goes. Sit silently today. Enjoy family time. Work can never cease to exist and it’s always endless.
  3. True love and only unconditional true love gives you absolute bliss. If sex is real bliss then porn starts would have become enlightened long before. You can fuck 10k girls. You can seduce n number of girls for your lust and ego. But in the end only thing that truly satisfies is true love. This is coming from someone who has seen all.
  4. Integrity is the most valuable asset you possess. Your honesty and dedication is free publicity. You can never presume the power of great image unless you enjoy it your self. Being clever and deceitful can never work in long term. Younger generation feels that learning few tricks can give them success. Everything you do in your life comes back to you in one way or another. Be good.
  5. Your most valuable asset is not money or youth but time. More time you have for self developement, more resources and energy you spend on your self, better compounding returns you get.
  6. Books are the cheapest and the best resource of self improvement next only to a real mentor.
  7. Learn about investing, compound interest, enterpreneurship early on in your life and you will be economically free much sooner than you can even think off.
  8. Two greatest decisions if anyone’s life are career choice as well as life partner choice. Take utmost care. Remember you can change your career easily but not love partner (in India specially with so many social, emotional, cultural and societal pressures).
  9. Old age or getting older is more fun than you assumed. Our mind is designed to behave in accordance to our age. We tend to forget negative details with time (positivity bias). Getting older is not that dreadful if you are healthy and economically sound.
  10. Value people more than money. Any amount of success or money can never replace good friends or people you love. I have seen countless people (specially girls ) moaning about missed chances and true love. Comfort is soothing but not exciting. Also if you love someone make it clear to them and you will be releived forever.

Bonus points : Learn about exercise, physical workout, join gym or jog or workout at home. Physical workout is Paramount. You have to live in your body for a very long time. Learn about nutrition, supplements, diet and your will find 90% of so called chronic diseases are nothing but bad diet and lifestyle.