1. Giving more importance to love than career, money and life.
  2. Alcohol and smoking. They really kill but people fail to accept.
  3. Lack of physical workout.
  4. Running only after success at the cost of people. Usually top is very cold, lonely and superficial. You can’t talk to your bank balance you know.
  5. Chasing wrong love or people. Some people aren’t meant for you.
  6. Giving loans to close friends. It kills both money as well as friendship.
  7. Taking hefty loans to impress people with objects. No one knows when you cry alone to repay those never ending EMIs.
  8. Not being frugal. Make frugality your girlfriend and see the magic of compounding savings.
  9. Wasting too much money, time and energy on sex. Little bit of sex is fine but becoming a porn and sex addict is the safest way to lose vitality, health and drive to work hard. Testosterone is zinc dependent. We lose about 10 mg of zinc in every ejaculation. Jerking or otherwise more than twice a week shall deplete your testesterone levels in long run and will leave you lethargic and low energy. Testesterone is competitive spirit hormone. Save your youth.
  10. Last habit : Thinking too much but doing nothing. People think too much, over analyse and are always victi of analysis paralysis. Sometimes doing is easier than thinking.
    1. Want to propose that girl/boy, do it. The best time and best conditions never come.
    2. Want to go for Goa vacations, write fake ilness leave letter and leave. Leave who are not coming. Go with who can. Best time, best company never comes. Sometimes action is more fulf than planning.

What are the hardest things to accept?