1. Your mind is more vulnerable and susceptible than you can ever imagine. In fact for a social scientist or expert, it is quite easy to hack someone’s mind. That is why corporations spend millions on advertisement and that’s why marketing campaigns are so successful.
    2. People want to talk about themselves. People just want to talk. Let them speak. Talk to them about them, their dreams, lives, problems, solutions etc. Active listening and active interest in other’s thoughts and their life has shown to be greatest ethical social hack ever invented. People fall in love with you if you just listen to them patiently and have genuine interest in them. The one who is impressed by you impresses you the most.
    3. Imitation is indeed finest form of flattery. Mirror their thoughts, their clothing, their life style, their words, their gestures, everything they have and you will make anyone fall in love in no time. This method is called mirroring.
    4. Mind works on the principle of using least energy. Hence we have shortcuts in our mind to do our job automatically and quickly. We are automated in 90% of our tasks. We automate most of our work by repeating the task many times. Once you learn driving you never think about it. Identifying these automated patterns of anyone and knowing how they react, when they react, what they say or do in a particular situation, you can easily manipulate and control anyone. You will be amazed to see these tricks work. They work so fast, so effectively and accurately that you will laugh at times about foolishness of our mind. Seducers, marketers, salespeople etc. have used these methods since eon.

    In social psychology indeed, speech is silver and silence is golden.

    Secrets to a Modern Woman’s Heart