1. Romance is like weather. It changes from autum to hot to cold and again autum.
  2. Romance is infinitely taxing (if you are in real true love). It motivates, demotivates, distracts, inspires, all emotions in one go.
  3. Romance starts as it happens in movies and ends as it happens in news channels debates.
  4. Romance instils infinite restlessness in you (In true love). You want to see them, be with them, talk to them , just like a maniac, forever. Any amount of togetherness just vanishes in a second. Hours pass like minutes, minutes like milliseconds. Time is always less and suddenly as you part time regains its slow devilish speed. A hour passes like a day, a day like a week and a week takes forever to finish! You learn relativity theory without any instructor!
  5. Romance Is Very difficult to hide. If you are truly in love, people will know it. You parents will know (even they might not intervene), your teachers, friends, colleagues, locality people and even your regular rick driver will know that finally you are in love. You skin will glow, you heart will be filled with infinite joy without reason (Just Like in enlightenment), you will hum songs all day, everything will become positive, your benevolence will increase, you will become a writer, your veins will be filled with romance and love. In every voice, in every face, in every one, you will see their face, hear their voice and observe their personality. Such is the state of perfect bliss true romance creates. You only want them, to be with them and nothing else. Your expectations cease to exist from them, you only want to usher happiness and love everywhere and to them. Not happeniing with you yet. Welcome to the world of noodle love aka relationships.
  6. You can’t describe the real euphoria true love creates in you. You are sometimes filled with immense joy when you get attention of your love, at other times you are showered with intense jealousy, some other time you just hate them for no reason. All multicolored emotions fire in your mind. You enjoy and hate the journey of love concurrently.
  7. All day their dreams, all day their voice, all they their presence remains in the back ground. They begin to live with you , inside your body, inside your mind, inside you heart and lastly inside your soul. You start to hate when other people look at you the way they looked, you feel dirty when other suitors look at you with dirty ideas and thought. You feel impure just by thinking about someone else.

Romantic love is such an powerful and intense drug that leaves you spellbound forever. Once truly loved anyone, you can never fall again in the trap of noodle love aka relationships.

Love is indeed the greatest refreshment as pointed out by Voltaire.

But Plato cautions us that love is a serious mental disorder.

Choose whatever you like. But if you haven’t experienced that kind of hopeless romantic love ever in your life, you have not lived yet.

Nothing and I say nothing outpar that feeling of euphoric hopeless romantic love. Yes it’s foolish but still worth pursuing. Ah someone return those days to me at any cost.