You eat chicken but you sleep with your dog. Analogically speaking a womaniser will fall in true love with a quality women and might use others for fun and sex.

Humans are insanely simple as well as insanely complex, both at the same time. We are selectively cruel ann benevolent. There is no common yardstick on which we perform our day to day tasks.

  • A quality women will not fall in laps of a playboy very easily. She will resist him a bit (test him) and then fall in love.
  • High quality women must be knowledgeable enough of all the trick splayed by these seducers. She will understand the mechanics of seduction and shall respond appropriately and will force the playboy to get real.

How do I make people fall in love with me?

We all are humans. We all need (want) true unconditional love. Only difference is that we love only those we are fit and worthy in accordance with our internal yardsticks.

Love is unconditional but falling in love is not.