You don’t need mind games to get a girl or make any girl fall in love with you. One may ask then why so many failed relationships, so many cheating girls (partners) and so much of bloodshed in the arena of love?

The primary reason is that you just need real manhood to impress any girl and this blue pilled media only creates beta men who follow girls everywhere like a dog. All mind games, all seduction techniques, all red pill philosophy is nothing but unveiling the real men inside every nice guy (which women inherently love and like).

Suppose your girlfriend stars lifting, grows moustache and starts abusing, all manly gestures. Will you like her then? No! You will say ‘That’s not how a girl should be!’

Same with women now a days. Mainstream media has planted very harmful untrue expectations about love and relationships. This makes many failed relationships.

What women really want? Be ready to be shocked!

Seduction is a very long and deep topic. Still few bullet points.

  • Never make any girl your inspiration. They hate it inherently. Make them your support system bu tnever main focus or goal in life.
  • Be busy. Have a genuine passion. Girls like (really like men who are really busy and who have some greater goal to change the world).
  • Be emotionally independent and understand the nature of women to create and sustain drama. Be like a rock in storm of emotions of any women.
  • Avoid unnecessary praising, good morning good evening texts, following your girls everywhere, spying on her, asking justifications, explaining everything to her, giving unjustful justifications etc. Sometimes women want just attention and seek (create drama for that). At other times they just want a simple answer and not long 20 page report about your every act.
  • Remember women create their own versions from whatever you tell them. They are hyper imaginative. Telling them more, explaining them everything kills the fun they get from imagining the scenario and recreating all of it in their mind.
  • Never let a women know about your interest in her in at least two meetings with her. You are also a selector. Take time, judge them. No women likes to be in a relationship only because size of her waist or color of her skin. If you fall too early, they presume that you want only one thing from them and secondly you are easy. Women love challenges.
  • Learn about fractionation. Create two conflicting emotions in a short span of time with women and you shall find them interested in you. Women love emotional rides and only someone who can give them both pleasure and pain can have their attention.

Caution :

  • Seduction is a very powerful tool to affect someone’s mind and may even have lifelong effect on their psyche. Use It as a catalyst and a tool to get your love and slowly refrain from it in long term relationships. Use it as a curation tool only.
  • Many people get overwhelmed with this newly gained power and use it to get sex from innocent unsuspecting girls.I vehemently oppose this. Buy sex, its cheap. Again entrapping a girl and using her only to get sex and ego validation (that you are now good with girls or to get bragging rights among friends is sickening) is not worth the effort. Buy sex, its cheap and is same as using a girl after seducing her.

You don’t rape (same as using a girl by seducing her) a body, you rape a soul.