The diplomatic answer would be ‘When you get your prince charming’.

The real life answer would be around 27 years.

  1. Till 27 your education is over and you have a set defined career path and life goals. You are into 5 years into an profession and know your growth trajectory. Contrary to popular beliefs, high earning individuals want a girl who earns at least 50% of them. Hence love is not totally color blind for girls even. Money is a determining factor for marriages now a days, irrespective of gender.
  2. Till 25–30 your body is in its near prime youth. Usually girls prime near 18 – 25 bracket. After 27–28, your chances to get very handsome , high earning partner reduce significantly, owing to the fact that no amount of money for an unattractive women (Lower than 20% in attractiveness than man) can fetch her the desired partner. Take it or leave it, but physical beauty is a major part of any woman’s attractiveness and its better to cash it before it’s too late.
  3. Till this age most women have experimented with sexuality and relationships with 6–7 relationship experience in general. Men nowadays are totally okay with non virgin girl and care not about your previous love stories. But the problem with men is that even a 50 year old man wants a 25 year old girl (Many get them too. Remember Milind Soman’s case and many other cases). Since men mature late and their attractiveness keeps on increasing with age and accomplishments (With fairly fit body and okaish looks), they always get better matches than women in later year of their life. Hence After 27–28, the competition for Alpha men in your circle shall be fierce and since men are biologically programmed to after the healthiest female. your chances will be bleaker day by day.
  4. Don’t let feminist rant distract you. Men have no control when an attractive female come sin their way. Hence you have a social market value primarily because of your youth and attractiveness. All those men following you like mad when you were 16 will be nowhere when you turn 26! Real life example sare film stars. A hero career peaks at virtually 40 and goes smoothly till 60. But For a heroine the deadline is 35!
  5. The mating game gets virtually reversed when men and women age. It’s nature’s way to balance things out. Remember it’s a lot easy for you to attract men when you are young , charming and attractive. You are your body (How much you may hate this statement).

Find love, try to stick with him, but remember the cutoff age. THis cutoff age also has to do with woman’s physiology to bear children. For men , with increasing age, their genetic pool gets better as more wisdom is encoded in their genes naturally. With women it’s usually the reverse.

God is not partial. We all have our day.