I have had better experiences in this regard.

  1. I usually never break up but break contact. My break ups are swift and light. No hard fighting, no harsh memories, no blaming, begging, extreme ego etc. I usually left people on decent note that in case they want to come back they are welcome. I believe in the adage that ‘Love must not kill friendship’.
  2. I have contacted quite a few of them in the past and always got better response. No hard feelings or anger. I cannot hate anyone whom I have loved once, no matter what happens. I want them to be happy and nothing else. But yes I do not pester them more often than not like a stalker if they are really not interested to keep contact or friendship. They are welcome to come as a friend if they want.
  3. I give my total devotion in love. When I leave anyone, I make sure I did my 100% best in the relationship. With no lingering guilt, I usually find my life afterwards easier.
  4. Love is hormones in nature. After seeing anyone whom you love donce might not evoke the same feelings again. Love is an intoxication. It has a shelf life. Sometimes when I look back at them (in person or in pictures), I find them quite ordinary. Sometimes I laugh at my stupidity that how could I fall in love with this person. Love makes people look (seem) more wonderful than they really are. Love is blind and lovers are often dumb.

I recently had a crush on News 18 anchor Archita Arya. Many People say she is just normal Delhi girl but my eyes refuse to accept! I don’t know when and how her innocent looking face bit me hard in heart!

Ho jata hai kaise pyaar, na jane koi…!!