I have (had) quite a few foreign friends (not necessarily american but american included). The major differences are

  1. They don’t show unnecessary tantrums. In fact you can easily approach any american girl of the street s or on social media. Don’t be too creepy and start demanding sex pics in your very second message, but if you are normal enough, they reply for sure and some girl can hold a great conversation.
  2. On my FB chat quite a few foreign girls have contacted me and have shown no ego or complex behaviour. They are quite understanding, very open for all kinds of topic and have very less shallow attitude.
  3. They are straight forward. They shall not linge ryou if you both are not compatible at all. They have their priorities set right and they are quite vocal about them. I like that openness.
  4. An Indian girl has on the other hand tons of ego and tantrum. She also has some inferiority or superiority complex. Again many Indian girls I had chat, very few are able to hold a meaningful ongoing conversation. Most of them are clueless and want you to do both parts in the play.
  5. If you approach an unknown Indian girl, she will pre conceive you as either creepy follower or molester. Being just friends is very difficult for most of Indian girls. On the contrary I found western girls quite open to anything, be it friendship, be it relationship.
  6. Last Point is that, western girls are very less involved in any relationship since they have their matching criterias always in the frame (and they shall be vocal about it). if its not working, they shall tell you about it upfront. On the contrary Indian girls like to create a lot of drama and are often secretive about their inner frame of reference.

What is the most difficult thing you ever experienced while dating?

Whatever might be the analysis, if any Indian girl truly and totally loves you, nothing comes close to that feeling. THey take time to come but take time to go. For western girls, easy come, easy go.