Yesterday I was planning to go to Pune (For some official work). I was waiting at my home for the bus to arrive, but it never arrived!

Then I realised my mistake. I went to a bus station and started waiting over there. Many buses came, tried looking at me for a signal (whether I want to board or not), but I was just waiting! They came and passed by.

After some time I realised that I have to signal the bus that I am interested in boarding!

Later I signaled by waving my hand and boarded a bus. I was happy that I took efforts to board a bus. But mid way I realised that it was the wrong bus!

Soon I dropped out of the bus. Then again I was waiting at a different bus stop. Now a bus came, I waved and before boarding I read that the destination is the same where I was intending to go. Everything was perfect. My bus, my destination and the journey. Suddenly the bus had engine failure. Oops, my all hard work was wasted.

But since I had the knowledge about boarding stations, routes, how to board a new bus etc., it took me very less time and effort to get a new bus.

You got to wait for the right person but at the right places. You have to signal them about your interest. You have to take effort to carry forward the conversation and relationships. Many times you would meet the wrong person and other times you would meet the right person but not in accordance to you inner criterias.

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Similarly many times given everything is right, still you fail in love as circumstances don’t meet the required trajectory for a better take off.

The bottom line is that god gives you opportunities, little hints, small incentives. You have to work on those guides themselves. As lord Krishna has taught in Geeta, that even god has to work hard in this world to survive (When asked by Arjuna that ‘Lord you are so powerful and you can do everything in a second, still you work hard. Why?).

There are no free lunches anywhere but only half chances If you don’t catch them, they move onto the next available option. God is fair to all and chances are for everyone. It’s raining out there and you can enjoy the rain only if you go in field and not by sitting at your place and waiting for the rain to come into your laps.

Studies have proved that odds of finding compatible love are mere 1 in 562.

The chance of finding love on any given day is 1 in 562