The common misconception about relationships is that bad boys gets all girls. This is far from truth.

A bad boy cannot get a very confident and level headed women. A bad boy usually gets less experienced underconfident girl. Bad boys gets girls because they have few alpha male traits inbuilt like confidence, non chalance and non neediness. It is usually their insensitivity which makes them behave like that.

Emotional, inexperienced, emotionality weak and needy girls usually fall for bad boys. No high quality women will fall for a bad boy. They can easily sense his manoevers.

High quality women and women in general fall for alpha male traits like inherent confidence, good physique, sense of human, understanding of life, emotional independence, high character, non chalance, non neediness, having a higher goal in life. Women love men who have a life in their life, high level goals and ambition. Women usually want those men who don’t need them.

All these seduction methods are told to inculcate these traits in oneself. In the end you leave all these moulds helping in shaping the inner male in you. You have to leave all these methods in the end. You can only ensnare an average girl by mind games. Real women want real men.

Importance and uses of Alpha frame

  1. Practice non chalance
  2. Develope real skills in life
  3. Have a passion
  4. Don’t put women on pedestal
  5. Respect women but keep your own self respect above all
  6. Have a good healthy body
  7. Have a sense of latest fashion in clothes and accessories you wear. Clothes maketh a man.
  8. Gain understanding of human psychology, behavior and general functional understanding about working of world.

In short try to become someone who is happy by himself and you shall find females flocking around you.