Do you know what is the most attractive quality in any woman for a man?

I believe it’s her grace, her slightly shy attitude, and her inwardness.

Now, do you know what is most unattractive quality in any woman?

It is her awkwardness, her false attitude, over shyness and unapproachability (attributed as ‘shyness’ or culture or societal pressure).

The line between being a little shy and being awkwardly unapproachable is really thin, but is equally determining.

  1. Shy girls may not show direct interest or approach directly but do facilitate the approach, make some situations for a small talk and do display interest (indirectly, maybe). Awkward (arrogant?) girls make no such effort and leave the onus to approach, carry forward the relationship and everything else to the boy. You know men can easily read between ‘shyness’ and ‘hard to get’ attitude. The famous complains like ‘why don’t boys try too much’ or ‘why did my boyfriend change after I said yes’ are just a result of actions of girls.
  2. Some girls behave like they have to do nothing and if the guy is interested in them he must do all. The problem is that even man needs motivation, positive cues and a bit of hand holding (metaphorically). If you don’t reciprocate positively after some time, men take it as a no internally and move ahead.
  3. All mind games, seduction etc. played by men are just result of this overtly complex behaviour of women. If you are shy because you are insecure, then it would pose problems to both of you in the future. You will make a player out of a lover.

7 unconventional tips to be physically attractive woman

  • Be more open. Remember guys are also insecure at times.
  • Make you signals more clear. Men are absolute noobs in decoding these signals. As a rule of thumb, double the strength of your ‘I am interested’ signals.
  • Sometimes flirt with guys, be more open, try some double meaning lingo (only a bit), some sexual innuendo etc. Guys like little sexy girls (but don’t behave like a slut). You flirting must be only 20% of your banter.
  • Your body language, your eyes, your smile, the tone of your voice etc are your greatest weapons. Men use words and women use body (language) to make people fall in love with them.
  • Even if you can’t approach them directly (if you are shy etc.) even them make situations in which you can be with them, in their vicinity or make it easy for them to talk to you etc.

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