I write several quotes when I get time. Some of these were also my WhatsApp status.

  • ‘Hard work’ should work hard (Not just show off).
  • I shall never employ the most skilled, but rather the most passionate.
  • I don’t worry when people follow facts and derive reasons. I worry only when people follow reasons to get facts right.
  • The job of a stock market analyst is to find the correct explanation for everything going out there!
  • When all the things are same, the attention to detail wins.
  • I owe a passion. People call it a start up….
  • My trap is my bait…
  • Searching for source inspiration not cause of motivation
  • The greatest illusion, is the illusion of freedom.
  • I’m my state of mind.
  • I am the crush of my crush…!
  • I love myself…You can also join.
  • Enlightenment is what is left after prayer.
  • You don’t know that I know that you know.
  • Relationships are like musical chairs. You must keep rotating.
  • I don’t follow my rules if you don’t follow mine!
  • You know you are in love, if you remember only one and no one else.
  • Allow them to think but not understand.
  • For mind, acquaintance is interesting, friendship is solacing and love is confusing. Feeling confused ? You got your answer 🙂
  • Abnormal is the new normal.
  • Love ware : loading ; 66% completed…
  • The language of your eyes is not the same as that of your words.
  • Sometimes, I also practice what I preach!
  • Nothing is an accident.
  • I don’t allow my heart to meet my mind. They separated long before!!
  • The author in me is different from the logician in me. They never meet.
  • My mood has a validity of one day, my love has a lifetime membership. I never hate what I love.
  • Don’t show my status to your friends, sweetie. Competition is already tough!!
  • Sometimes, you secretly love what you openly hate.
  • I am a player, if you play, a lover, if you love…A sucker, if you suck!!
  • I know you read my status. I know you love me.You know, I know!!
  • I listen to the music of your voice, not to the meaning of your words!
  • In my game, I am the rule. In your game, I am the game!
  • Sometimes I play, other times I win…

Now a numbered list for the restless…!

  1. Every one is busy in love. Oops, love looks busiest!
  2. Two broken halves make a single not a pair…Think over it…
  3. Harder the love, softer the touch…
  4. Sometimes, sensitivity must make sense…
  5. Secret to success is hard work. The secret to hard work is unknown!
  6. I want my ‘I love you’ back! Note : I still want!
  7. I’m exclusive for the exclusive.
  8. Either you are in, or you are out.
  9. The best trick of the master is to let you know all his tricks and contradict them all! You have to find your truth yourself. Period.
  10. Same tantrums, same games, you turned out to be ordinary,that’s only special!
  11. Your trial period has expired. Please renew your licence!
  12. Denial is subtle acceptance.
  13. Look, we are too compatible… Both use mobiles having dysfunctional call buttons and broken sendkeys….!
  14. It’s all over…..Year stupid… (Relax!)
  15. My status is your perception…
  16. If you don’t have time for me…I think you won’t mind if someone else has…!
  17. Hard working Talent will always beat lazy genius.Nothing beats hard working genius.
  18. If you can prove that you read my status, I will write only for you!
  19. Everyone play…its only some don’t know!
  20. Just got your tele-reply for my tele-text. What about second part?
  21. Sometimes playing hard to get , is not very hard to get!
  22. Sometimes I am busy, sometimes I feel like I’m busy, At other times I am really busy!!
  23. Entrance to my.love.academy is somewhat tough!
  24. Love is a perfect cure for everything, but there is no cure for love.
  25. Enlightenment is not good mood, but absence of mood. (My favorite)
  26. I am a closed ended question,with no options!
  27. Love is shown not told …
  28. Greatest job in this world is to tell others what to do.
  29. Your insecurities are my pain.
  30. Professional and personal spell different to me.
  31. Best feeling in this world is knowledge of the fact, that you are exclusively (mutually) loved by ‘someone’.
  32. Differential coefficient of Love : Rate of change of whatsapp status of one person w.r.t. to another!
  33. Two way : Love ; One way : Infatuation ; No Way : Lust
  34. At times more often than not, I forget to forget you!
  35. Sometimes biggest relief comes not from knowing that ‘someone’ loves you,but from knowing that ‘someone’ does not!
  36. Futility of everything exposes us to enlightenment.
  37. Funding entrepreneurship is by far the best way to recruit best talent for free.
  38. Player play,Expert manipulate,Master controls.
  39. They get the rules,change the rules.They get the game, change the game,they get you,change them.
  40. I don’t mix business and pleasure.
  41. Your best advisors are my worst students… Follow your heart… That’s my favorite advice.
  42. I am a playboy.Don’t believe me…Look you are smiling…!
  43. I am the choice, for options,hit back!
  44. I am nobody.Nobody is perfect.Nice to meet you.
  45. If you are not a sport, don’t expect me to play forever ever!
  46. If I don’t mind then, I don’t mind, If I mind,then I don’t mind!
  47. If I am not the only one, I don’t want to be one.
  48. Your search for a man ends here.For puppies , scroll your chat list!
  49. Less I talk to you,more I talk to you…
  50. Sorry you failed.Seek your validation some where else.
  51. The page you are looking for has moved or does not exist.
  52. System under maintenance.Please try after some time.
  53. Don’t blame my network,if your signals are weak!
  54. Sometimes you need to pick those half-chances…Life is short you see…
  55. You can move inch by inch towards your goal provided your journey is few inches long. For larger distances change the unit or change the destination.
  56. I can’t read minds. Period.
  57. Oops you just missed an important update!
  58. Lesser your tantrums before lesser my neglectance after : Zero sum game
  59. I am not afraid of how many puppies you have, I worry only about your taste going down!
  60. You have to approach else you will keep on learning innovative ways to say ‘I Love you’ …without result! (Many know this very well!)
  61. If you behave like a stranger, you remain a stranger.
  62. I am not a cure of your madness…I’m the madness….
  63. Some people can live there whole life in mere two seconds!! (By checking status of others!!)
  64. Search for a man ends here…For puppies please scroll your chat list…
  65. Mood Off line …No connectivity!
  66. Difficult part is not to satiate thrust but to sustain it.
  67. Options (Puppies) do not equate to choices.
  68. More important than fulfillment of thrust is sustenance of it.
  69. Sometimes you know the answer, but not the method! (My case always!)
  70. You don’t know, that I know, that you know!
  71. Girl friends are best wives till they get married and vice versa!!
  72. Confidence is the greatest jewel of all.
  73. Little warmth, you fly, little chill, you freeze…How do you turn liquid…!
  74. “I” is the enemy of “We”….I like it! (Sarcasm).
  75. What is strongest three letter word…Ya you are right ..It’s YOU….Ohh…You thought…S** 😉
  76. Strongest party in India right now is “Social Media Party”…
  77. Innocence attract intelligence.Intelligence attract all.
  78. When eyes start speaking, you know what I am speaking about!
  79. If case is taking long to decide in lack of confession, jury must make use of circumstantial evidence.
  80. Either I’m everything for you or I am nothing.
  81. Little bit of grey adds depth to your character, more of it makes it hollow .
  82. Only possibility : You become me or I become you!
  83. Learn from the Masters, but never test your skills with them because Master always saves his masterstroke for himself.
  84. You have to lose everything to gain love.
  85. If I am not no.1,the list don’t count…
  86. Only some are awesome.
  87. Source of every emotion is insecurity.
  88. Don’t play if you don’t play.
  89. Sometimes game is so mesmerizing, that outcomes are irrelevant.
  90. Let’s change for a change.
  91. Let’s just be good lovers forever! (friend ship is boring)
  92. You don’t always see, sometimes you sense…
  93. You are something for everyone and everything for someone.
  94. Expert is one from whom, you can’t win,from master you can’t even play,from enlightened you can’t even think!
  95. Master is not,from whom you can’t win.A master is one from whom you can’t even play!
  96. Ego is an strange entity. The pain and relief points are same!
  97. Careless are never carefree.
  98. Love is the greatest friendship killer…and friendship is greatest love generator.
  99. If it looks I read your mind, then it’s certain you love me!
  100. It looks, in love, that your thoughts are broadcasted over AIR, believe me they are not!
  101. Let alone online or offline , I know when you’re on or off even!
  102. Words tell,eyes express,feelings transmit.
  103. Love is chemistry,starts with geography,flourishes with biology,disturbed by equations, balanced by psychology,,completing through philosophy.
  104. Research shows that spying of whats app status of someone, confers your secret love.
  105. I don’t care about equation but about chemistry between us.
  106. A simple ‘I love you’ can solve all problems of global warming!
  107. Some breakups precede patchup….
  108. Plan the change else change the plan.
  109. If you don’t fear losing something, you will never cherish gaining it.
  110. Don’t change the rules,change the game.
  111. Confession of love is same as reincarnation of self.
  112. Love is not a part time job… Baby!
  113. You take what you want.World gives you everything…
  114. In love often, permanent is temporary and temporary is permanent.
  115. Mind is a slave of circumstances.
  116. Why don’t you understand that, I don’t understand!
  117. Love is most creative artist out there.
  118. If you are not in the equation, you can’t be in the solution.
  119. I don’t need you. I don’t want you. I just love you.
  120. Love is induction of two minds by same force of attraction.
  121. When you show you care, I know you love.
  122. Nobody is real because people hate real people and wanna banged by unreal ones! . Genuine is uninteresting.
  123. Liking, Admiring, adoring, Loving,infatuating,Attraction,Affection… all lie on same page of nature’s conspiracy of life.
  124. Carelessness is lovelessness.
  125. Love is never offline.
  126. My love, your love, our love…Hope this is grammatically correct.
  127. People hate you for two reasons : Either you are TOO GOOD or you are TOO BAD
  128. If you are big, they oppose, if you are too big, they follow….
  129. I want my space in your space…
  130. I believe in unconditional love. Terms & conditions apply!
  131. I ‘m your perception.
  132. Everybody’s attitude has an expiry date.
  133. If you feel stressed when you are NOT doing your job, you are in the best job of the world and that’s also called as “Passion”…
  134. Distance is an illusion of time.Time is an illusion of mind.Mind is in itself an illusion!
  135. UFO don’t move through space, they bring space near to them!
  • My views on telepathy: It is not that you think something and it gets transferred to another person’s brain.While it is just a emotion without language that gets transmitted (read teleported) to another person.


  • 1. Sometimes you think of someone and his call comes.
  • 2. Sometimes you are feeling for coffee and your partner gives it without being called.
  • 3. Sometimes you want to go to certain place and out of nowhere your kid also asks him to take him out there only!

Emotion has no language and it travels faster than light.

More numbered items…!!

  1. Don’t try to be perfect, else you will be trying for forever!
  2. All great financial advice turns out to be plain common sense.
  3. Genius is nothing but right inspiration at right time.
  4. Social media does one wonderful thing.It allows us to speak our mind and frustrations out so that we forget the issue and sleep well! Just like a placebo.All barking but no real solutions! It is an old psychological method: Speak out so you forget! ( Remember diaries).
  5. Scream is the virtue of Helplessness .
  6. Wanna become extraordinary? Leave the company of ordinary!
  7. I don’t care about what you will think.I care only about the impact I make.
  8. If you are really interested in knowing your real self, stop watching TV for one month.All the garbage images will flush out and you will be able to imagine without images in TV box, but in real context! Try.
  9. Greed is always wiser than intellect!
  10. Options give you choice but best still remains the best.
  11. Creativity is devising means which no body can think, but everybody understands.
  12. Forget friends; Facebook is just personalized news, advertising and renamed forced Google search.
  13. Success is not money, nor face, neither position or following.Success is what makes you confident and Happy. No body is totally successful by barometers of world.
  14. Progress starts when measurement of effort cease.

धड़कने लगा था फिर से सीने में बेज़ारे दिल

खंजर दिखा के मैने चुप करा दिया

(My heart was beating again. Just used a knife to shut it up!)

These are unedited status copied from Google docs. Do suggest any edits if you find them.

What is the most paradoxical thing about yourself?