I have my own list.It may or may not confirm the general bias.(These are my observations).

  • The best time is ‘now’ : I am a staunch follower of Osho. His teachings have taught me that the best time is now. Neither past nor present but now. Right here, right now.
    • Nothing can give you real pleasure, not your new Audi Q3, not that dream girl for whom you are waiting to say yes, not that dream offshore job, not $1 million dollars in cash in your savings account, not that foreign trip to Egypt or whatever you can imagine if, You are not content in this very moment. You can never ever be happy and blissful by any thing or person in the world, if you are not elated  now!. If something is the cause of your pleasure then that pleasure is unreal and short-lived. Happiness is your basic nature. All happiness is time bound. A girl/boy friend’s yes makes you happy for one week, an Audi Q3 may make you happy for a year or whatever, but nothing gives you permanent joy!. The mind is NEVER satisfied! Remember the last time you prayed to God that God give me this thing and I shall be perfectly happy. Are you still happy ? No.

If something is the cause of your pleasure then that pleasure is unreal and short-lived. Happiness is your basic nature.

  • Nothing is permanent : Your basic nature is to be ‘neutral’. Do not be happy in happiness and do not be unhappy in adversity. Remember greatest truth in this world.This too shall pass.You can tattoo it on you hand.

Nor happiness neither adversaries are permanent. Everything pass.

  • There is no absolute truth : Einstein’s theory of relativity is applicable everywhere. My truth and your truth are not same. My experiences can guide you but you have to find your own path. Always take every advice with a pinch of salt. Advice is a guideline but you will always encounter your own contradictions.Truth is personal. Thus whenever you want to apply any advice onto your self, just wait for a moment and think from a neutral perspective, modify it to align with your own experiences also.
  • You and only you are responsible for all your sufferings: You cannot blame anyone any time that they are the cause of your pain.All your pain and misery is due to your own activities or inactivities.Stop blaming and start acting.Best way to get out of trouble is to ‘Act’.
  • Listen to your instinct : I have observed this myself many a times. There is a feeble inner voice in you which sometimes speaks and tells you the right way. Start listening to your sixth sense,gut feel,inner voice or whatever name you know it. It is never wrong. If your sixth sense says that
    • That girl or guy is not good,she/he is not.
    • That job offer is bogus,it is.
    • You should not buy that expensive iPhone,you shouldn’t!

All in all, take advice from everywhere and make your own customized rule book to follow.Listen to all but follow your heart.

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