I’ll start with a quote from my favourite scientist.

Well, even though I am a narcissist (Soft ) and I love myself too much, I shall try to answer with a perspective. Let us assume and then let me answer what it could feel!

If I was very attractive as well as intelligent (simulation), what I would have felt.

You want a answer.


We value only those things which we earn. Physical beauty or symmetry is mostly genetic. Intelligence also has a larger share from genetics (Though it can be grown also).

If I work out in gym daily and then I have a sculpted physique then I shall really value it. If I work very hard to get my facts correct, to garner all the knowledge I have, I shall be very happy and proud.

But real intelligent people are those who don’t care. They don’t care what they do or say.

They care only about their core job. They focus on work only.

Only way to become intelligent is to not seek it.

When process and task become indistinguishable, we have a masterpiece.

Osho said : We have real dance when the dancer and dance becomes one.

If you are thinking that you are attractive and intelligent, make sure , you are not.

When you pass beyond thinking,attributes,mind,thought,parameters,measurement,you really become one.

Real transformation occurs when you stop looking for it. The moment you attach your ego to your progress,it stops then and there only.

To become good, work hard. To become great,work.

The moment your work becomes hard, it ceases to progress.