I have one rule for feeling happiness.

My rule is ‘Celebrate your failure/loss’.

  • Had a nasty ‘break up’ : Go enjoy on sea beach. Take a long ride/drive. Watch a movie. Have a chilled ice cream/beer /booze or what ever.
  • Lost your job : Go for a small vacation or take a break to go in the outskirts of city.
  • Lost your wallet/mobile in train. : Get down at station.After completing all formalities which are urgent grab a road side snack, sit on the bench and enjoy.

True for many many more small emotional distress and physical losses. We must celebrate life as we are living out last day of life (who knows ? Those who dies today never knew).


  1. You cannot recover loss instantly but you can party instantly for sure.
  2. Even if you feel sad , your girl friend aren’t going to come back.
  3. You are associating positive feeling with loss. next time your girl friend ditches you, you pain will be less and you mind shall recapitulate those memories of last time of you feeling alone and enjoying fully.

PS : It is not as difficult as it seems. I have partied many times before also.Believe me it works wonders.

PPS : Some very deep mental and physical trauma must be avoided for sure.Do party but after some time.

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Is the best time in your life necessarily in your twenties?


Hemant Pandey
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