Indian Teens or any other nation teens have following flaws.

  1. Too much relationship hullabaloo : I have seen teens having ‘severe’ heartbreak and ‘feeling lonely’. I do not bash love or attraction. This is natural. I too fell in love when I was in grade 6th.
    1. But forming relationship only because of social and peer pressure and ‘feeling lonely’ all the time is not natural. You are not alone. You don’t need relationship to be happy. No you do not need a partner to share your inner world and thoughts! All this ruckus is manufactured (consent) by media, songs (especially the emotional Arijit Singh songs, Switch to Honey Singh or any other rapper).
    2. All these crappy songs, Romantic (unrealistic) bollywood movies, TV commercials etc. make you emotionally unnaturally vulnerable. The price of capitalism is commercialism of everything. You’re nothing but a consumer or a product. Relationships, extreme romanticism etc. are drug to you. They are designed to sell you movies, cards, gifts, Oyo rooms, porn,social media activity, Durex condoms, and what not.
    3. Just limit all social media to 1 hour. Sop getting validation from there, stop watching romantic movies and listening to addictive movie songs and all these extra romantic feelings shall fly away in just one month! Your focus (memory) will improve, so will your emotional control as well as you decision making prowess. You can increase your IQ by at least 30% just by quitting this garbage. Focus on edutainment and not on infotainment. Studies have conclusively repeatedly shown that all successful people spend less than 15 minutes per day watching Tv while all ,masses watch TV for an average of 6 hours per day! Time and not money is the real currency. Use your time for self learning and development and not of making careers of celebrities by liking and discussing their lives over twitter.
  2. Too much information but very less learning : We are living in the age of information overload. To filter best from dust you need more insights and wisdom. I give you one sure test. Just watching any video, reading any article or any book, ask yourself this one question : Is this going to raise your life standards and learning or just giving you entertainment? If answer is yes 90% of time, you are on right path. The term edutainment is best to describe what I am suggesting. Find content which entertains as well as educates. Sadly teens today know too much but understand too little.
  3. Porn and sexual content overdope : Yes porn and sex are addictive. You need to cut the bud in the nub. Sex is controlled by your hormones. If you are addicted to porn then you are just another slave of billion dollar porn industry. Porn not only destroys your body but does permanent changes in physical structure of your brain! Limit porn to one hour per day and you will be fine as well as you don’t lose your vital entertainment dope!

The crucial point to learn from this article is that your greatest power is your raw and youthful energy, your impressionable (vulnerable but open) mind, your infinite curiosity. It helps you to grasp too much too quickly. Use your power of youth as a weapon for yourself and not a surrogate tool for MNC and capitalism to become richer and richer.

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