Everyone must quit these 7 things immediately.

  1. Toxic relationships
  2. Junk Food
  3. Social Media Notifications (Notifications distract us, not the social media)
  4. Debt for consumption of unnecessary things
  5. Smoking and alcohol
  6. Excessive porn (sex) addiction
  7. Late night parties or Late night assignments

What are some good habits to follow?

Everything is good in moderation. Even a little bit of poison is beneficial. You must have a little cheating on your diet plan (once a week maybe), must watch some porn and many other things. But it must be only 10% of your total time plus money spent equation.

Second advice is to start quitting small. Don’t try to become a morning person tomorrow. Start by five minutes reduction (I am a morning person now. It took me 3 months).

Don’t force too much. Allow one day for cheating (Like junk food or smoking). It relieves your mind. For example you can set Sunday as the free day. You are allowed to watch porn the whole day or drink alcohol or smoke to any extent. If your mind has options, it is less likely to repeat the mistake.

All good things in your life are just automated habits. Improve your habits and see an automatic upgrade in the quality of life. I was a food junkie three years back.

How many of you have achieved something you can call a great physical transformation?

Just changed few habits and now I am automatically fit!

What single change in your daily routine had the biggest impact on your life?

The junk food which was the blood of my life is now a detesting sight. I can’t even bear the gaze of it! It’s a permanent breakup!

Your body changes, your mind changes, it takes time but once you realise the benefits and start listening to your body and not to your instincts and wild urges, you become much better person.

The secret to a successful life is hidden in good habits (Learned from good books). Ask anyone who you think is successful and they shall tell you the same.

Success is an habit albeit a persistent one.