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7 dirty business tactics do you must know

7 unethical ways companies dupe you The great sale gimmick All of us have encountered a ‘50% off sale’ sign in shopping malls. This trick is particularly useful in clothing brands. What is the trick behind this ? How can anyone offer you 50% off and still make money ? You might think that they […]

How do you realize what is really important in life?

I learnt through my experiences. Earlier in my life (When I was a teenager), I thought love was the greatest thing in life. Love is the biggest motivation and the biggest achievement. I fell in love, gave everything in love and failed most of the times (Not because girls were not reciprocated but because I […]

What is the best habit you’ve taken up from another person?

Golden advice from a wise friend I had a friend, named Gautam. I was in grade 6th then. As usual like any young teenager I used to get upset by small little things like exams, any debating competition, meeting new people etc. I was with him one early morning and during our morning jog we […]

How can I motivate myself to work hard for my career?

I motivated one of my students last year and recorded the conversation.This is a tete a tete. You can skip some parts from the beginning. Here is the audio file on sound cloud. Motivation Motivation for goals Motivation comes from little accomplishments. Little appreciation fires reward neurons in our brain and we are infinitely motivated. […]

What are some life hacks for an Indian teenager?

Learn some functional psychology and the workings of the mind : The world is cruel and people are manipulative. You know that the world is not simple and straightforward. Apart from everything else combined, you must have a basic understanding of human behavior and the functioning of the mind. You must know how marketing works, […]

What are the common biases about intelligence?

Common biases about intelligence Intelligence is fixed (Also known as a fixed mindset). Intelligence is genetic. Yes, intelligence depends on nature (genes) but not completely. If that was the case, the children of all scientists would have been scientists. The greatest virtue of low intelligence is ‘fixed mindset’. Intelligent people don’t need to work hard […]

How do I make guys more attracted to me?

Do you know what is the most attractive quality in any woman for a man? I believe it’s her grace, her slightly shy attitude, and her inwardness. Now, do you know what is most unattractive quality in any woman? It is her awkwardness, her false attitude, over shyness and unapproachability (attributed as ‘shyness’ or culture […]

What is the one thing Indian teens are doing wrong?

Indian Teens or any other nation teens have following flaws. Too much relationship hullabaloo : I have seen teens having a ‘severe’ heartbreak and ‘feeling lonely’. I do not bash love or attraction. This is natural. I too, fell in love when I was in the 6th grade. But forming a relationship only because of […]

What is the one thing you did in life that changed everything for the better?

I stopped trying to please everybody. I learnt this attitude a bit later in life after my college years. You can’t make everyone happy and you shouldn’t try to either. People are non linear, irrational human beings who are driven by Lousy emotions Hidden animal instincts Secret inner desires Uncontrollable jealousy, Love Hatred Preconceived notions […]


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